Disk Drive issue.

So i turn my xbox 360 on, put the disk in, it tries reading it for a couple of minutes but then it just says open tray.  Not a problem with the disk, seeing as i've tried several. Also when the disk drive is empty, sometimes it doesn't open.  Anyone had any experience with disk drive problems?  Is there some sort of quick fix is it just bust?


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Try the steps here first Disc Drive Solution

 If they don't work then it is off to the repair centre. Which will be free if under a year (also try returning it to the store if it is). Over a year and the repair will cost £62 if arranged on the website, £75 if done over the phone.

Tried the solution steps, still don't work though.  My xbox is outta warranty, and i don't think it's worth paying that much for a repair, it costs more than my console is now worth.  I'll have to wait and buy a new one i guess.

Thanks for the helps anyway, much appreciated.

Common problem pal.

Always seems to happen just outside warranty too.

Shoddy MS products for ya.