Disk angle???

Well so far so good... I think.

I unplug the HMDI TV stuff... Xbox One complained a little and I unchecked the options for power on or power off.

I went to play Forza 5 and the box wouldn't take the disk... Thought maybe a disk was already in the drive. Nope, nothing. But it made a noise (not grinding) and refused the disk.

I finally get the drive to accept the Forza disk and then Xbox did not recognize the disk and mentioned something about buying it if I didn't have it, etc. Eject and put disk back in, now we're good.

I did notice that the disks go in and come out at a slight downward angle. anyone else notice this? I thought the disks went flat (perpendicular) into the drive, but apparently not now.

Anyone else???


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Mine goes in straight. Somethings wrong with your disc drive. O.o

It's been working just fine. I didn;t use it for a day, then I go to put a disk in and it didn't want to go... like there was already a disk in there.

So it appears you can have a good drive one day and it crap out the next... Lasted 7 days...

You know, mine started doing that but I assumed I wasn't sliding it in straight and I would pull it out and lift up on the disv and it goes in just fine.

If I try to put is level/straight in, it gets blocked. I have to tilt the disc up to insert it and sometimes it's a noisy entrance (drive motors etc). Something changed for some reason... The Xbox One hasn't been moved or anything since setting it up.

Unplugged it and we'll see what happens when I plug it back in again tonight.

Only thing I did do was unplug the Cable In HDMI. I no longer want the Xbox running all the time while watching TV...

Definitely a faulty drive, get it repaired whilst you have the warranty.

Yeah exact same thing for me. Worked fine for the first week and just now really noticed it.

Grinding noise for me too.

Wow thats not cool. I hope my X1 don't fail that way so soon.