Dish Network compatibility?

Does anyone have any info on Dish Networks compatibility with xbox one...


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Works OK with my joey except it seems the picture quality is degraded.

Yes, Dish and XB1 are compatible, however... at least in my case, I had to connect the console directly to the TV, walk the setup menus, have it recognize the TV, etc, then plugged in my Dish receiver (not the Hopper) into XB1 and after completing the setup, everything started to work.  Interestingly enough, after I first turned on the console and didn't see the XBOX home screen (I could watch TV just fine), I called DISH and they told me that my STB (EV722 is the model, I believe) was not compatible with XB1... much to my surprise! Obviously, their tech support needs additional education, because I am sure I am not the only one who needed their assistance.

OP whats your issue with it? Im on my x1 typing this if you need help send an invite id be happy to help you set it up correctly.

My Hopper works with it just fine.

I don't have Hopper but I do have Dish and mine works with XB1 just fine. Plug your Dish reciever into the HDMI in port then plug HDMI out to your TV . Then go settings and go to TV & one guiide and it will walk you through the setup.

I also have my dish network hopper hooked up to it with no issues. Of course it doesn't support the dvr like any set top box. I use it because its fun to have the same input for gaming and TV.

What are you trying to do? I have my Hopper connected to the XBox One and it all works fine.

That said, I think the Dish interface is better than the XBox One so it all seems a bit pointless for me, especially as I use a Logitech Harmony to control everything anyway.

I am trying the same thing with no luck. I hope some one has an answer to this ?????