Disgusted by Microsoft Treatment

Let me start by saying, buying the xbox one was the highlight of my year, i pre ordered it in june and was outside game at 11.40pm waiting for midnight, first few days i was in love with it, played it day and night, then the issues started.  I have been a loyal xbox player since the first xbox, right threw all the 360s to now, this is whats happened.

I went on one night, and it wouldnt load any games, i tried BF4 FORZA and fifa 14(digital copy) they would go to load screen then boot me back to homepage, i called MS Support, got a irish guy, friendly enough, he told me to press and hold power button for 10 seconds, it would then clear cache or something like that, that seemed to fix it.

Less than a week later my console started lagging really really badly, i would press to the side, after about 5-10 seconds it would do what i asked it it was always so slow behind me, my pins would dissapear then reappear, and my games wouldnt load again, again i called MS.  Again was told to hold power button for 10 seconds to clear it, and told to to it every couple of weeks, really??? well it started working again kind of, my voice recognition would work when it wanted, "xbox record that" nah dont think so, stopped working, my "xbox on" stopped working completely, and i tried re doing kinekt setting at different volumes.

Now and has been ongoing for weeks, xbox fitness loads to green screen, goes black for 30 secs, then goes to "azure server error, xbox cannot configure for xbox fitness"? Called and called, first option the hold button for 10 secs, didnt work, then it was get memory stick, go on xbox support, download update onto memory stick then transfer onto console, didnt work, then, reboot completely, yeeehhaaa that worked, FOR 24 HOURS!!!!!

This has now been going on since 22nd november, they call me last night and i tell em it still broken, so here to options, 1 return it to game, even if they have one (which they dont) i lose my day 1release console, option 2, give xbox my credit card/debit card details, they place a hold on £390 send me replacement and unhold me money when i return old console this takes 2-weeks, like i have that money, i paid over £600 for console bundle and its just been xmas, option 3, return console be without it for 3 weeks while they try and fix it, my argument is why should i be without it, its hardly worked in the 5 weeks i had it??  I told them i would return it and go to sony (boooo) but that means i lose my £58 on my box account and as for my prepaid live membership they will refund it in the way of a pre paid xbox live card!!! stupid as i wont have console anymore. Plus the games i baught i lose the money on and the xbox video films i bought.  

Am i the only one who finds this completely unreasonable?  Has anyone else had an of these issues? I love my xbox one when it works, i loved my previous xboxes before this and have been loyal and spend fortunes with MS i just find this whole thing disgusting. I did everything they asked of me, i am not moaning about it breaking, these things happen, its the answer MS are comin up with to solve it i am disgusted by.

A very unhappy



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If it was me, I would get a new console kit from my retailer. The black packaging and Day One controller really aren't worth the hassles of RMAing the console to Microsoft.

I prob would m8 just to sort it but they dont have any

Absolutely not.

The answer cannot be 'go buy another' when dealing with a brand new console. Microsoft needs to make this right.

Excactly send new console driver only leaves it when gamer hands him broken one were the problem with that no need for £390

Ok, so you've established that the console is broken. So, take 1 of the 3 options for a return. Best one normally is to return it to the retailer and get a different one. You've already gotten your Day 1 Achievement and that to me seems to be the only perc in having a day one as opposed to the other. I know it sucks to have to return it. But you have to take some action. There is only so many things Microsoft can do.

They will fix it it just takes time and they gave you options on how to do it yes being without it sucks but that's not microsofts problem

OP it a new console that been out over a month. It takes 6mos to a year devices like the one to be stable. It not dealth with over nite. It takes time to get bugs out. So don't get mad if a newer console brakes on u. On NOV 22,2014 XB1 would work grate then today. It part of being one the first to get it.

You should have took it back to the retailer for exchange asap, there's also no difference in a "DAY ONE" xbox verus a non-day one other then the product boxing and "DAY ONE" printed on the controller

With that being said. Im curious if there have been issues with any of the white dev consoles.

Other than it's BUTT Ugly White .No one has posted.

You do realize that other than being in case in white plastic it's still the same X BOX  One everyone that bought one has.


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