Discs not reading.

Since the last two updates iv had problems with metal gear solid and dead rising 3 coming up saying disc scratched or needs cleaning. The only way I have found to get around this is to turn my xbox one off. Anyone else been having this problem.


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I've been having updating certain games since the update

Yeah ive got the same issue, it appears everyone in the preview updates currently have the disc reading issues. Lots of posts regarding this on the preview beta forums, microsoft are aware of the issue hopefully we will have an update that fixes it soon.

Just like to reassure I am having the same problem as well! Mine is with Titanfall where, when in game it backs out to the dashboard. I then try load the game again and that message you get appears. Should be fixed when the official update is released.

Mine does exactly the same, it ejects the disc then sucks it back in. When I then put any game in it says dirty disc! Only way to play is turn off/on. I've also read that this can be a permanent problem.has microsoft have to to replace some peoples consoles!! Hopefully not as it would be my 3rd one, argh!!

I have same issue, spoke with MS and they advised to do hard boot and leave for 2mins which worked fine for a while. Gone back to same issue now.

Hey guys.

There's something up with the "Titanfall Servers" and "Fifa" and "Plants vs Zombies" are all throwing me back to the dashboard as well.

I think it's simply a problem with LIVE rather than our systems.

Frustrating but not the end of the world.

Hope they get it fixed soon.

yes i have had the same problem, ive contacted xbox support and engineers are aware of the problem and are looking into it.