discover the shrine in cloaca maxima(assasins creed brotherhood)

ok im kinda stuck i cant seem to enter this shrine iv watched a utube video and the guy jumps down into the water and jumps on the wall but when i jump down the wall is to big and i cant reach it  iv done all the other shrines any help would be great cheers


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i remember this one, you have to rebuild the aqueducts around the site....on the map go to the locations marked broken aqueduct, go to the architect guy and pay him to rebuild the broken parts...there are 8 in total but you should only have to repair the ones near the shrines location in order to gain entry....then its straightforward from there.

Or the hard way and jump of a building with a parachute, time it right and glitch into the gap, The choice is yours!

This guy got to it without the need for water. [View:]