Disc never stops spinning

Hi my original 360 DVD drive finally gave up after 6 years so I took the plunge and bought a new slim model.

There seems to be a problem:

If there's a disc in the drive it never stops spinning. Really annoying when you're watching movies, listening to music, playing an arcade game, browsing through the dashboard or just taking a break because it creates a constant background vibration sound.

With my old 360 I left the disc for whatever I was playing at the moment in the drive 24/7. The disc only span when I was using it.

It even happens when the game's installed so it takes half the benefit of installing the game away.

I was so happy with the beautiful silence of the new slim but now my new found peace has been completely ruined.

Is there any way to stop this or do I really have to take the DVD out every time I stop using it?


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Are you sure it`s not the fan?

The disc should not spin when not in use,i would say you have a faulty machine.

It's definitely the disc. There's a constant vibration hum whenever there's a disc in. DVD or game it's the same. Some discs are quite quiet you can't really hear them unless you're up close but if you touch the console you can still feel a light vibration. Some discs are obviously a little off balance, the sound is constantly audible across the living room and the vibration is stronger when you touch the console.

With no disc in the sound and the vibration stops completely.

Its the fan in the slim model the fan lies horizontal across the top of the console.

it's definitely the fan.

take it apart, there is plenty of videos on youtube showing you how to take both slim and phat models apart. Plug your console in and put a disc in and see when your clicking about?

  • it spins on dashboard when idle
  • spins in game( obviously)
  • should not spin when playing xbla game
  • should not spin when playing GOD game
  • shouldn't spin when playing movie i.e Netflix , not sure about xbox video.
  • worst comes just eject the disc from the disc tray.
But it is most likely the fan and if it bothers you that much just turn sound up or take disc out from xbox.

[quote user="You Horrible 1"]take it apart, there is plenty of videos on youtube showing you how to take both slim and phat models apart[/quote]

Do not take it apart,system tampering can get the console a permanent ban.