disc installation?

i don't really keep up with the information being tossed around on the xbox one. I'm just an avid microsoft supporter and gamer. but hardly pay attention to specs and stuff. well i still do, but not too much. i was curious about purchasing discs and installing them onto my xbox ones hdd. once installed do i still have in insert the disc like we currently do with the 360? I'm sure its doubtful especially since the DRM reversal. thought id ask anyways.


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Yes, it would be pointless if you didn't because then you could just go sell the game. It installs the game as a whole, and then reads the baseline code of the disc to run from the HDD.

yes. once installed you still need disc in the tray to play

well not necessary, maybe that was part of the DRM policy that microsoft originally wanted. boooooo! i was looking for no disc playback. oh well i suppose, that warranty will come in handy for future wear and tear.

Yeah, with the orginal version of the system.  You would insert the disc, it would install, and you never had to touch the disc again.  However, there were issues with having to check to make sure there was only one copy of the game being used AND traiding the game wasn't available.

After the backlash over the XBO internet check-in and no trading, MS changed how things work, making it just like the 360.   So, now, you have to put the disc in to play.   But, you can trade the disc now... and you don't have to hook up to the internet to play the game.

You could trade under the original policy as well, just to select retailers. Most of which would be the same ones many already use most likely.