Disappointing support experience, I've had enough

I just wanted to share and extremely frustrating support experience I've just had in regards to a faulty xbox one. It's eventually led me to instigate the return and full refund of my day one edition xbox with no intention of replacing it in the future. And this from a fairly staunch, and I think mild mannered, xbox supporter who has been with xbox through all 3 generations.

Firstly I receive my day one order on Nov 22 having placed the order back during E3. Super excited at this stage to see what it's all about, I've been religiously reading all the news since the first press conference back in March. I love what they are doing with the xbox one, the concepts seem like a true next gen experience and really solid a platform that will enable some awesome new features and workflows in the future.

Get it home and straight away I have some strange issues with the controller seeming to be unresponsive while I'm investigating the interface and downloading killer instinct. But I don't think much of it at this stage as everything is new and maybe I'm just doing something wrong.

Then install Forza from disc and start playing, can't wipe the smile off my face, I've always loved the forza games and I don't really care about the reduced content because the quality of what is there is so high - and they have Bathurst! as an Aussie that's a big win along side Spa.

This is when the controller issues really start to show themselves as I can't complete a lap without the controller disconnecting. Seems to me like it might be an interference issue, I have lots of wireless devices in the house these days so it's understandable that they might be clogging the airwaves. 

So I turn off everything, even unplug the phone and the microwave even though they are in other rooms. Still the problem persists. Must be something wrong with this controller, not to worry I'll run out and grab a new one and while I'm there I'll get a play and charge kit with this one so that I can connect directly via usb, that should solve any interference issues once and for all.

Damn, problem still persists with the new controller and with the usb. Maybe a bad usb cable? So I pull the batteries out of the controller while it is connected via usb just to confirm that the controller is actually using the usb connection, and it is, the X button remains lit up and I'm still connected. But still the controller looses connection.

Starting to think there is a real problem here. So I contact support via the online chat. I spend an hour with the guy who takes me through unplugging power, waiting, reconnecting etc etc. Then I suggest I'll try setting it up in another room to rule out some local interference issue for once and for all (even though I have mentioned that it fails when connected via usb). So I go away and do that, when I return to the chat 15 mins later the guy has left the chat because it's been idle for too long. That annoys me a little as he knew what I was doing and it took me 15 mins to get someone on the congested chat line in the first place. Not to worry though I'll just start a new chat.

30 mins later I'm connected to a new support rep. I go through what we've done so far and she determines that the best option would be to do an advanced exchange. She knows I'm in NZ as we discuss that. She explains the advanced exchange system which sounds freakin awesome! I only have to wait 3-5 days and I'll have a new box and I can keep mine in the mean time for doing everything that doesn't require a constantly connected controller. I eagerly agree and agree to have a hold put on my credit card for the cost of the box until I return mine, no problem.

I immediately receive a mail with instructions on how to package up my xbox - but the information is for a 360 not a xb one which makes me just a little suspicious that something isn't %100 right here. A day or so later I receive another mail, this time from UPS with some attachments for postage for me to print out and attach to my package once I return the box. That restores my faith in the system working as all the info seems correct.

6 business days go by without a word, I give them one extra day from the maximum I was told it would take because I know there is an American holiday in there.

I contact support again, have a nice chat to a guy who assures me that I should have received a tracking number by now. He's quite puzzled and concerned and tells me he will personally chase this up with the local NZ support and I should hear back almost immediately. 

1.5 business days go by without word. I contact support again, this time getting the lovely Trixie who tells me much the same as the last guy and tells me that she will personally oversee that things get sorted out and she files some sort of internal report with her supervisor. She also drops a bombshell that it's not actually possible to organise a return via that xbox support chat mechanism and that I will need to call support. Now my patience is starting to wear thin. Having waited now for almost 2 weeks to get a working console I'm told that I need to go back to square one. Trixie assures me though that she will attach info to my order that will get it fast tracked - the last guy said the same thing though so I'm not filled with confidence.

I immediately call xbox support. The rather less than friendly support guy I get tells me that actually I can't be on the advanced exchange program at all as it's not supported in my region. Wtf? It comes across as something that I should have known, like somehow the fact that I have a faulty console is my fault. He tells me that I can send the console back to them but I wont be sent a new machine in the mean time, instead I'll have to wait for them to fix it and send it back or replace it, this could take some time he says. So he strongly recommends that I instead go back to the retailer that I purchased it from and see if they have a better return policy than microsoft do Wtf?

The reason I didn't go to the retailer in the first place is that they are online only so it would require sending the machine back and I was hoping to find a better solution.

But I thank him  and then contact the online retailer. She's lovely but has no good news. My options are to wait for them to send me a returns package, then at the expense of more of my time and packaging costs send the box back to them. Then they will send it to their test department, they're quite busy at the moment so this might take a few weeks, if they decide that the machine is in-fact faulty then they will send me a new one, but this might take a while as they don't have any stock at the moment and it also wont be a day one edition console as there aren't any more of those.

I thank her and ask if there are any other options, turns out that there is, I can return it for a full refund. By this stage my patience is lost, my faith in microsoft is gone, I'm extremely annoyed by the whole process so with my blood pressure high I decide to just get my money back and call an end to the whole sorry process.

So in two weeks I've gone from a loyal and super excited xbox devotee to a super frustrated and disappointed ex microsoft customer.

I appreciate that it must be hard for xbox support to be on top off all the regional variations but surely there is a better way.



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👎 for region bs.

Sorry man this sucks. Hopefully one of those emails comes through finally and it's good news for you. ⌛️<-- glass half full

The great wall of china isn't that long.

Good read though which is ironic cause it's plot is evil.