Disappointed and hurt by Microsoft's XBOX Customer Service

So I bought the XBOX One on launch day, and have always been a loyal customer and have already owned two XBOX 360s before. A week after buying the XBOX One, the Disc Drive started making a mechanical noise when I tried inserting discs in it. I signed up for the advanced exchange service last week. I am aware that Microsoft had said that it will be giving away a free game to people who have been affected by the failing disc drive problem.

It has been three working days since, and after having called customer support twice, I was told that I would have to wait as the matter has been escalated to the management team. Apparently, I need to wait up to 2 days more to get the game code. I don't see the point of giving away the free game after the new console arrives, while I sit here trying to use a broken console when I'm anxious to even insert a game disc into the drive.

After having paid £429 to buy the console on launch day, and now that Microsoft has put a hold of almost £400 on my credit card, I was expecting the company to at least keep its promises. But it doesn't seem like it cares for its customers.

This is probably the last XBOX Console I will ever buy, not because the console isn't good, but because I just don't see myself paying so much money to a company which is all talk and no work.

Having been a loyal customer of Microsoft for more than a decade and a half, I am sorry to say that I have lost faith in the company. I can only wish them the best, they have made some great products over the years, a lot of which I have owned. But it seems that Microsoft has finally lost the vision that made them such a great company.


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To be fair, they didn't have to give you squat.  Feel lucky you're even going to get a free game out of it.  Patience, young man.

I'm very sorry to hear you have problems with your new xbox1, that realy stinks and all but have a bit of patients. I'm sure you're not the only person going threw the same problem.

I remember when my 360 rrod 3x and never got anything from Microsoft for my problems with there faulty gaming system. But thats life.well hope your up and gaming soon...

like every company they have their good employees and bad employees. You just need to make sure you get an xbox live agent that is a gamer and feels the same way you do and voice your concerns to them but in a nice way, because yeah they don't HAVE to give you anything, but if you voice your concerns the way it sounds like in here and stick to your guns...they will make you right...PATIENCE....it just came out....I think we were all warned or at least told that they were going to be some issues which is why some people like myself just waited to buy it

There are many people who're having the same problems as you. It will take time to get through to everyone, that's how things work. As for your free game code, you'll eventually get it. You need to have patience, and I know you waited a long time for the Xbox One already,  but you'll just have to wait a bit longer.

The hold is placed to keep scammers from getting free consoles!  Otherwise everyone will be like "Oh hey my Xbox One is defective, send me another please" and then they just keep the original AND get a replacement as a freebie.  See where I'm going with this?

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I'm very sorry to hear you have problems with your new xbox1, that realy stinks and all but have a bit of patients.


He didn't say he was a doctor. :o


Anyway, I would be upset too.  You wait for months as excitement builds after laying down your $500 to get the Xbox one on day one.  You feel the anticipation build  like the kid on "A Christmas Story" when he finally gets his Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle.  It finally arrives and you are about to burst with joy!  You eagerly plug it in...hands quivering with excitement.  GRRRIIIINNNNDDDD!!!!!   How would YOU feel???  A mediocre free game download is supposed to make everything alright?  Way to go Microsoft.  Way to ruin the dream for thousands of kids who where filled to brim with excitement for YOUR incomplete, slapped-together product.