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Looks Like there going Destruction Derby on it! Gotta say tho, I always look forward to a new Dirt game, always good fun to play.


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Some more gameplay, looks very arcadey, even more so than previous DIRT games so I'm unsure about this one personally!


Interesting qoute from Gamesmaster magazine, taken from the very start of their preview of Showdown:

"Codemasters tell us that the future of the core DiRT series is purely about the rallying, meaning other racing disciplines now live exclusively in the garage of splinter series Showdown"


I'm quite looking forward to having a blast on this. Some of the reactions the game has gotten from fans is pretty nuts considering it's a spin-off game and not actually a true sequel, but ah well.


To those asking about DiRT 4 being more rally focused, you've got to remember that when codies changed the series from Colin McRae to DiRT they were intentionally changing the style as to "off-road" racing rather than just rally, so it's doubtful that they'll ever return to the pure rally roots. DiRT 3 had considerably more rally events than anything else, so at least it was a step in that direction. personally I'd like rally to be the focus with the other events acting as optional side-events, son in that sense DiRT 3 was getting to where I'd like it.

You reckon that because they are doing all of the gymkhana rubbish and destruction derby type events in this one, that the next game they release will be Rally only? Or is that just wishful thinking? The rally events in DiRT 3 were great, but there were too many other events for my liking in the career mode.

Sounds promising, cheers for the link Wolf

really looking forward to this loved the destruction derby tracks on grid so this is going to be quality

Really looking forward to this - I absolutely adored destruction derby back in the day, and with Codies advanced damage system in play this should be awesome

Dirt Showdown First Look and Dev Interview by Inside Sim Racing


I will be buying Showdown for sure, I know it will be slightly different from the rest of the series but it looks like it will be good fun.

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