Dirt 3 in store deals?

Anyone know of any in store deals for this?, i do have lego pirates to trade in not sure how much i'll get for that though.


Are GAME doing any 'trade in a certain game get dirt 3 for £4.99' deals?


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Not too sure about the trade in options, however i know Asda are selling it for £ 34.97, Argos are selling it for £ 35.99 and apparently ( i have yet to confirm this myself) Morrisons are selling it for £ 29.99.

The only thing is, most of the supermarkets seem to think it is a Friday release date, and as such wont sell it until tomorrow!

I believe the likes of Game, Gamestation & HMV etc are selling it for £ 39.99.

Hope this helps a bit.


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You can trade in lego pirates and get it for a £5 at game, and probably gamestation too but dont quote me on that.

I traded Brink in yesterday and got it for £5, and got one of them new Gamestation XP cards with £6.88 on it to spend so a bit of a bargain.

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Can confirm that Dirt 3 is a fiver in Game (Not Gamestation I don't think) when you trade in Lego Pirates. Offer expires tomorrow (Friday).

thanks man will be popping into game tomorrow!!

Morrisons 29.99

Has the GAME offer expired now?, i completely forgot today will it not be on tomorrow?