DiRT 3 Freezing

This problem has been happening to me more frequently the game will keep freezing. At first it was happening when i unlocked achievements but now it happens when ever the game is loading. Is this happening to anyone else and do you know how to fix it. I have installed it to my hard drive but it does not help.


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Ive only had it freeze once and that was on multi player

have you tried clearing your cache ?

sometimes that helps

there is a few reports that when it crashes in multiplayer it can wipe your save file,be warned...

This happens to me a quite a few of my friends also.  I've cleared the cache, installed, uninstalled, reinstalled the game to the HDD.  I've gone as far as deleting all my DLC and redownloading it and it still freezes.  But my copy only freezes during the loading screens after you finish ANY Rally Stage, SP and MP.

There is a huge forum on the Dirt 3 Facebook page about this issue and only a few mentions on the Codemasters website.  You can't access the Codemasters website right now to post or myself and friends would post about this issue.  I find it to be complete BS that I dropped $60 on a broken piece of software.

And before you say it's my 360 I've tried it on my two roommates 360s and we get the same issue.  One has the black elite and the other has the newer slim one.

Ive put in over 100 hours now on this game and as i said above i still only had it freeze once.

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there is a few reports that when it crashes in multiplayer it can wipe your save file,be warned...


Yep happened to me, I lost my progress through a corrupt save when exiting mp, luckily I was only at the beginning of the second season so wasn't to harsh. I now back up my save to usb.

I would say on average it craps out on me every other session I put in. I have it installed to hard drive on a slim.

Also re the website I thought this was it??


I ended up getting rid of the game Couldn't play it any more than 10 mins before it crashed. Guess it didn't agree with my xbox.