Directx 12 arriving on Xbox One?

What do you think about this?  

I think it will be amazing, if it does happen but I'm going to remain sceptical about it. 


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Wow what a boring video.

Let me save you all 6 minutes of your life by summerising:

Microsoft make the XBox ONE.

Microsoft make Direct X technology.

Microsoft's XBox ONE will use the latest version of Direct X (12) when it's released.

Not something people with XBox ONE's are generally worried about considering all the next gen games we have to play.

But something for the Sony crowd to fret over apparently.

Is it even a big deal?  Maybe to developers but why would gamers care?

Most games still don't even use DX11 features.  No doubt Microsoft make it so only Win 9 or the latest iteration of Win 8 has DX12 support, meaning that most devs won't bother using it.

I know the video is generally boring,  but the rumour behind it is a good one. Don't forget, Microsoft will be revealing something big, soon. It is only rumours and it's open to discussion.

The only big revealing i would be interested in would be a kinectless XB1 oh and a better dashboard.

Boring. Xbone is struggling enough with DirectX11 nevermind X12.

Since all consoles this gen use AMD GPU's, Mantle is more important and doesn't require Windows8.1 to run. Just another cash in strategy by Microsoft.