Directv and Receiver not working

I can't get my Directv HD-DVR or my Pioneer receiver to work with the Xbox One. Anyone have any ideas? It finds both the models but setup doesn't work so I have no controls of tv through kinect or able to control volume. I have to use the remote for all. It is fine, but would like for it to work.


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Do you have the older DVR or the Genie?

The model before the Genie. HR24-100.

I have the older DVR and it works fine

I have an older DirecTV HD DVR connected to my Xbox One also and all is working well now.

In order to get it to work, I had to connect the DVR, via HDMI, directly to the Xbox One's HDMI input. The DVR no longer passes through the AV receiver.  The AV receiver's HDMI out is now connected to a different input on the TV.  Fortunately, my AV receiver, a Yamaha, turns off and on automatically with the TV, a Sharp, otherwise I don't think that everything would work, but I'm not sure.  The optical out from the Xbox is the only connection to the AV receiver for the DirecTV and Xbox audio.

I don't know the details of how CEC over HDMI works, but if it is Ethernet based, you may not need a direct connection between two devices for the commands to reach the right device.  For example, since my Xbox one is connected to the TV via HDMI and the AV receiver is also connected to the TV the same way, the TV could be passing the commands along to all connected devices.  If this is the case, you should be able to get your system to function fully as well.

Good luck!

So many bits, so little time...

I have my xbox out to tv, directv to xbox in, optical cable out of tv to receiver to control sound. i use the optical out of tv to control wii u for kids. i may have to change it to optical out of xbox to receiver and see if that works.

Wait ,,you guys are able to control the directv's list ,as in all your recordings (DVR)..How ?

I am able to control basic channel surfing but thats it ..

Other than that it is awesome !

"XBOX ,watch ESPN" Boom!

I know you can't control dvr list, but I can't even get basic channel controls to work

Ahh,i thought that was the case ,,just threw me off when dragonslayer said his DVR worked fine ..

I just set mine up this way ...:Same as bandito

DirecTV out goes to the XBOX one input,,then Xbox one out goes to my AVR ,,then the AVR out goes to the TV..

I finally got my directv receiver working. I had to change my remote settings on directv from RF to IR. I still have to get my surround sound working though