Direct X12 what is it and what does it mean for the X1

title said it all?


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The biggest benefit will be a proper sdk, tools for developers, which will lead to better running and looking games.

As for the upgrade to dx12 itself, we will have to wait and see.

Guess you'll have to wait and find out on the 20th like everyone else! Expect awesome stuff.

Never even saw anything from direct X 11.2 that MS PR tied with Xb1.

Can't wait to see the buzzwords and "real time" demos of direct X 12.

Come E3 swap direct X with cloud (worked for titan fall LOL just look at the digital foundry tech peice), Spin some hype and let the fanboys astroturf.


Direct X 12.1 comes out what NoV 2014

Next year just swap direct X with cloud, Rinse wash repeat.

Direct X 10 came out 2006, Xbox 360 launch in 2005.

At best this API ties in PC and Xb1 better and offers PC gamers with better cost vs performance. The Xbox "gains" will be a placebo at worst and at best A competing console will put a driver wrapper around the basic maths of the "performance gains"

Just spinning the narritive Mr. Pennelo got eggs in his eyes over.

The timing of these "new" Direct X annouments "suported by xb1" seem like damage control. Just as bf4 resolution bomb dropped "oh direct x 11.2" now just as titanfalls janky mess is bout to come out "oh look direct x 12"

Infact i cant wait to see the timeline of direct X 12's implmentation.

Will it be "omg guys look right away see Fifa will look the same some devs will use our new SDK!"

or better yet "just one more year keep buying xbox stuff"

See this is what *** me off bout MS, Only thing this will do is make xbox users yell and accuse "platform bias" when sony's games still look and peform better.

Atleast ull get performance pariety in low end low bar games (like fifa and possibly the next cod)

Ill let you kool aid sippers watch this all unwrap. Im more intrested in konami's IGA's GDC confrence than MS's smoke and mirrors. Social engeering at its finest.

I look foward to after GDC when you xbox one guys parrot the buzz words and spam links to the "real time" demos shown. till then im out. Peace. All smiles here.

For me it is all PR talk and could really care less.

@ zero divided

Saw your post on my way out. Pretty much.

My opinion is Xb1 is a solid console it has some great hardware solutions in it. I just hate the PR that comes along with it. enough so ill never buy xbox product ever again. But If certain games apeal to people, buy the console. Simple as that.

It was like that with My Ps2 and Xbox. At the time PS2 was the only place to play certain games but I was always on my xbox more. its personal prefrance that changes with the times, for diffrent people. as i said im out. You taste is you own.

Yeah X12 is nothing, just a buzz word and PR talk. Its like MS have f*** all to do and invest time and money for nothing.

Some of you people are so clever and know everything that I am surprised that you even come and post here to educate us stupid people. Bunch of re*** ds.....

I've bought enough products and services in my time to know that they will all talk up whatever they're offering like it's made of gold, and often don't live up to the hype(first Kinect being a prime example), so from that I've become a "wait and see" kind of person.

But at the end of the day, I only care about the experience I get from the games and online service, and the Xbox brand has given me more good than bad.

Sorry rukas

after seeing the jank of titanfall on xb1 @ 792p unstable framerate plus screen tearing after the ms "cloud" claims Respawn parroted and Ms clapped at

And these direct X annoucments "direct x 11.2 errrr 12!!!"

Pretty much points to a narrative on the very xbox evangelical will sip out of. MS spins and hypes, then makes excuses. This isnt the J allard vision.

But please stir it up inside. Be more vocal, it will help you swallow the smoke as you look despratly into that mirror trying to find that 1 hope.

I know i said im out but i had to adress you. you are a victim of pr market speak at its finnest. You are MS's marketing prime target.

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