Digital game code availability / pricing - biggest disappointment

My biggest disappointment with the X1 is the availability / pricing of digital games codes. Anyone else with me on this? 

If MS wants to succeed it MUST relinquish some control over the sale of digital game codes for its system. For example, I can get the PS4 digital game code for Lego Marvel Super Heroes for $50 on Amazon, but I'm stuck spending $60 through MS. Nobody likes to feel like they're a sucker every time they purchase a new game. 

I want to play more games on my X1, but the value proposition simply isn't there. I understand that maybe as early adopters of the more expensive system we're expected to pay more, but the current state of affairs is not going to lead to success for the X1. If I have to pay more to play the same game on the X1, then my X1 is soon going to be gathering dust instead of playing games.

Another example is with Tomb Raider. I was really looking forward to playing Tomb Raider on X1 when it comes out later this month, but I recently decided instead to buy the game code for $8 on Amazon's current winter sale. I just can't justify paying $60 for something that I can play today for $8. 


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While it's not that easy to get yourself an XBox ONE console you should have no problem finding the games.


Buy the disc version.

I agree that this is a problem for M$. I just picked up my Xbone, and I would love to do DD games, but they are not as cheap as the sales on the discs. I get the answer of buy the disc, but if I could buy access to the DD from Amazon for the same price as the disc I would be much more inclined to make the purchase than if I had to order and wait. DD is a great way to boost sales (especially once external storage is supported), but many of us find it hard to justify spending $60 to get a new release when amazon has it on sale for $40.

Are they more than 60 in the US? You are speaking dollars so I assume you are in the US. I don't know where you are looking but on the Xbox store games are still 60. That is the same price as every new game. You cannot expect a brand new console to come out and have a bunch of cheap games. Gaming is not a cheap hobby especially when it's brand new. If you wanted to keep playing cheap games, the 360 sounds like the console for you.

[quote user="x0x CAMARO x0x"]Are they more than 60 in the US?[/quote]There were multiple sales on both Xbox One and PS4 disc-based games this holiday season - B2G1, $10 off, $15 off, etc. These never translated into sales on either system's digital storefronts.

Sony's partnership with Amazon is a step in the right direction, but it's a baby step and it didn't apply during the holidays.

Microsoft's apparent baring of sale of game codes online or in stores rings very hollow. Microsoft's typical reply to things like this has been, "Well, they can use it to trade pics for goods." That argument falls apart when one realizes that one can go into a GameStop or Best Buy and buy Live fund cards with cash, then turn around and message someone the code on the card. Really? Going to a store to buy a card is supposed to be a deterrent to bad behavior? That doesn't fly when Live funds can be used to buy games.

Amazon gave me $15 in promotional credits to use for digital game purchases. I can buy PSN codes on Amazon's site for PSN titles, including most available PS4 games (not just indies). I cannot buy Live codes for Xbox 360 or Xbox One titles. This lack of parity is annoying.

Yeah i don't even check the digital store anymore, sure i don't have to have disks around but its never been a problem in the last 15 odd years so i don't suppose it will be now, especially when i am slashing 10 quid straight of the store price before we even begin to look at any extra promos or vouchers i might have to slash it further.

Think ms is just not brave enough to deal such a critical hit to game stores and undercut them hugely yet but they need to get braver soon because in the end as always the supermarkets will start really lowering prices in mad deals, i remember picking up modern warfare 3 at the midnight release night for 27 quid in sainsburys, something the ms store has never done previously n i expect wont do anytime soon lol

I say BS! Why should loyal XB gamers accept that MS charge us 60$ for old games on the digital store when you can buy GOTY editions digitally on PS store for less then 60$?

I can even buy games on Amazon digitally for PS4 and PS3, but on XBOX I'll have to buy them from MS digitally store where a single DLC cost 20$.

I've been a loyal xbox fan since the very first xbox and I have never owned a PS, but what MS does pisses me of. I think they should let 3partys sell digital copies.

If we just accept "gaming is not cheap" then nothing will happen. It should be cheaper than 60$ buying a year old game when you can easily find a physical copy for xbox (or an digitally copy for ps) for half the price.

Xbox have something to learn from Steam and PS when it comes to pricing and offers which would benefit both MS and the customers. Instead MS are greedy and want to suck you empty and think you are stupid. Just like they did with Forza 5 and buying tokens. If nobody steps up and just say "it's expensive to be a gamer, we should accept to get f*** over" then they would have continued and even made token prices higher until somebody says it's enough.

I don't think it will be the last time I buy a Xbox, but I might just buy an PS4 instead of the new xbox if they don't do anything..