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Looking to build a digital library, just unsure until MS address the preorder "bonus" issues.   Not wanting to miss a Call of Duty or Halo free Map




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you get preorder bonuses if you download within 2 weeks of launch. dont have link, but it was all over the forums when it was announced few weeks ago.

you should be more worried about the game developers pulling the rights and you losing your game completely with going "all digital".  that and the fact they want to charge you full retail price as physical without the same physical rights to sell/lend/trade in/give away your digital rights.  

I am more.curious about pre paying in full

i dont think you can pre pay. there is no pre downloading yet.


i wouldnt worry about them pulling your rights. to pull your rights on a digital copy you would have to go online, which means they could pull your rights with a physical copy. it should be noted that your rights are identical regardless if you have a digital or physical copy of the game.