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Hi !

I have an idea for people like me who don't have a very fast internet connection and want some games in their digital versions :

Let's say one of your friends have a retail version of Dead Rising 3, he or she lends you the game, you install it on your hard drive, then you go to the Games store and purchase the digital version of the same game. Instead of downloading the whole game, it just downloads an activation file and you don't need to go through a 35Gb download. Take the disc off of the drive and enjoy a fully digital game with no download required :)

What do you think ? 


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dont think it works that way

Why not ? Nothing is impossible and it would help a lot of gamers. I know, "just buy the retail version instead" but digital versions are great for switching games in a second :)

I hope it does work that way for you but I doubt it does.

I doubt it too, that's why I wrote this topic, I hope someone at Xbox/Microsoft sees it and consider it as an option :)

I always hated DL a XBLA demo and then end up liking the game and having to DL the whole thing again when you purchase it.

Actually this is exactly how it works. Enjoy OP.

@Borss39 are you serious ? I haven't seen any article or statement about that, can you provide a link please ? I'll be so happy if it's true !

@LordDirt what are you talking about ? When you already have a XBLA game demo on your console, you just need the activation file that is usualy a 108kb download :)

6 days, 12 hours and 54 minutes (stores open at 9am in my country haha) guys ! The wait is killing me...

I seriously doubt this is how it works. Borss, if you are sure, you should provide a source for your info. From my knowledge, doing this would result in the "Friend" needing the disc every time you play. Thats exactly what they changed with the DRM. If you install from a disc, you need that disc every time.

I was actually looking forward to using the drm as it originally was. Too many crying babies though.