Digital Download is a Ripoff and Lie

So I purchased a Halo 5 Xbone edition, was really happy I got it a week early, was a little turned off by the lack of physical game copy, but didn't pay it no mind because I had a week to download the game.

Now before I go on I live in Guam, which is a US territory, that is a day ahead of the US mainland, same timeframe as northern Australia.

Today about 3 hours ago, Halo 5 launched, Gamestop hosting big midnight releases and people picking up physical copies of the game to immediately play their game.

Low and behold, here I am, with my digital game and it still telling me I have to wait until 10/27/15 to access it, funny thing is, in my Region the one I specified on my xbox it is 10/27/15, it's 2:55am in fact that time. Yet I'm still unable to play my freaking game.

I contacted customer support, not once but twice, the first time I was told (it was midnight when I contacted them) that it would be available at 2am my time, but no game access still, I contact again and this time they just tell me a vague answer that I'llb e able to play today.


It's just frustrating that as a Microsoft customer, that has paid more for their game than those who just got physical copies, is being treated as a second class citizen.

I really dont care the reason why I cant access my game, bottom line is, if you're allowing a region to have physical copies of the game distributed let the people who buy directly from you the same perks, or dont make false promises.

I feel like I've wasted money, I would've been better off buying a used console and a physical copy.


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Look We are sorry to hear this issue is Annoying you And you would have received a Email asking feedback about the Agent Supporting you At least i did.
Regards -Justin.

Thats the thing,t he agents were polite and trying to be helpful, it's not their fault xbox or halo has a *** up system