Did You Really Love The "Silent Hill" Preview? Don't Read This If You Did

That one where you keep walking through the same cooridoors, with the subtle changes happening each time you go through again and again.

Are you going mad?  Is there something more sinister afoot?

Did you like that?

Well I told you not to read this.  I've been told it's been cancelled.  Should be something on IGN or the interweb somewhere.

Shame.  That looked good.


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Konami made a huge mistake for selfish reasons.  This fall out with Hideo Kojima has gone way to far.  It is 14 years in the making, I get that.  

But then again, most of the Japanese companies are making all kinds of mistakes.  So we shouldn't be surprised

I hated it but wasn't that demo only on ps4?

I liked the demo.  It gave me a bit more scare than the last five Silent Hill games.  Based on my one-word reviews below, I'm not feeling too bad about the game being cancelled.

Silent Hill - Scary

Silent Hill 2 - Scary

Silent Hill 3 - Boring

Silent Hill 4: Unplayable

Silent Hill: Homecoming: Aggravating

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories: Frustrating

Silent Hill: Downpour:  Infuriating

Silent Hill: HD Collection: Crippling (due to miserable controls)

I thought the demo was pretty cool and creepy, really fit nice into the silent hills style of horror, but hard to gauge if it would have been good or not since it was a concept with no combat or anything. Still i was excited to see a new silent hills. sucks it got canceled.

Heard it was cancelled but it hasnt really bothered me that much. I thought the demo was ok but much prefer the good old formula that made it what it is

Wasn't Norman Reedus attached to star in the game?

His star is on a high at the moment, so I would have thought from a simple cash in value this would have been a project worth keeping on.

^Yes and I thought that was going to be one of the best things about it, Silent Hill has been lacking in the main character department for a looong time imo and I thought he would have actually added to the atmosphere.

I never got to play the demo, but was definitely excited for it, not so much now.

BizarroMantis has it right.  I would still would have picked up a ps4 for it, with No Man's sky on the always hyped horizon.