Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls for Xbox One

I recently read something about Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition (the version of Diablo 3 featuring the newest expansion pack announced for PS4) saying that it has actually been being developed for Xbox One and the people at Blizzard seem to want the game to come to the Xbox One. Unfortunately, it seems there is some sort of dispute with Microsoft. I'm hoping Microsoft and Blizzard will sort out whatever differences there seem to be and get Diablo 3 to the Xbox One. It would be terrible for all of us anticipating the game for Xbox One to be let down.

Check out the post here: http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/diablo_3/news/diablo_3_is_in_development_for_xbox_one.html


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Hopefully their working out a contract that benefits the XB1 gamers.  Enjoyed the 360 version, and would love to see what RoS adds in the XB1 version.

I want to play it on my Xbox One so bad! Hopefully they come to an contact agreement soon.

I'm just hoping that I can take my Xbox 360 save to the Xbox One, finished it four times on the 360, don't want to have to redo all that hard work.

Sony and Blizzard have a deal. Just like with the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Thanks for posting.

I always get annoyed when I game I want gets caught up in this web. Be it development hell or some other form of delay. I really want this to hurry up and release and just like the above, I would LOVE to have my stuff ported over!

I have a feeling we will get this one. I love dungeon crawlers and this is the gold standard of crawlers so hopefully it lands.

I tried it on the 360 and didn't like it. I'm just not a fan of top down games. I also played it a while after it came out and all my friends who played it had moved on. If it comes out for the X1 I'll probably give it a rent since this time I'll have friends to play with. Also my RPG withdrawal has gotten out of hand. Cold sweats, fever, shaking, vomiting. I can't believe we're this far in to the current gen and we still don't have one.

I'll buy this again if they get everything straightened out

Not me, I gave up on Diablo after the original - I played and loved it so much for so long that I actually become immediately bored playing any game like it.

There is no dispute.

Blizzard have confirmed that they have developed the game for the ONE and PS 4.

This is exactly the same situation as when "Diablo III" was released on the 360.

Blizzard did not breathe a word of it advertising wise leading most people to suspect that Sony have an advertising or promotional agreement with them.

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