Deus Ex Plot Help (Spoilers, but only about Chapter 1) - Please read if past Chapter1.

Ok guys, my time to admit Ive been silly.

After playing through a bit, and holding X to move bodies and holding A to move cover, i got into the bad habit of holding X to talk to people. If you've done it, it skips the cutscene.

So, ive just finished the first level but will have to replay it unless you guys can fill in some of the blanks:


Please can anyone posting only reveal spoilers about Chapter1, nothing beyond the start of the Police Station.


a) Dr Reed.I get shes your ex. In a cutscene I saw, I'm sure I heard her talking while your on the operating table. I've missed a cutscene somewhere. I'm assuming she has died in a fire? Is that correct? What did that cutscene show?

b) In the warehouse i never saw any sight of the hostages, so i guess secondary objectives arent shown on the map. Anyway, they died and someone later mentioned poison gas, but I never saw hostages alive or dead. Any news on that?

c) I got to the part with the hacker, and found out he's an Aug. But then all of a sudden it said something about Greg told me to find his wife. I never met Greg. I know he was a hostage who died, but when did I meet him and what did he tell me?

d) and finally, when i got to Sanders, I informed him about thehacker being aug etc, they all started going on about him and his brother being conned. I've no idea what his brother has to do with it, or whos conned him. What information was the hacker looking for? Why were they breaking in in the first place?

I think im gonna have to replay the level, as Ive skipped loads unless you guys can help me out.


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1: She died in the attack at the start.There's a side quest that you'll find out more.

2:The hostages are at the back of the big room you enter after the hacking tutorial.They don't show up on your map & if you take to long to start the 1st mission they die anyway.

3:I didn't meet Greg untill i was on the helipad at the end of the mission,think his wife was the hostage Sanders has.

4:His brother is just someone he mentions in the battle of wills you have with Sanders if you don't kill him.

It's worth starting again if i was you & taking your time,especially try to rescue the hostages.

My advice would be to re-start the game as well.


You'll find it more rewarding because the way you get dropped into the game at the beginning makes the stealth approach a bit of a headache because you're so unfamiliar with where you are, what you're doing and how you may go about doing it.


1.  When you come back from your augmentation you believe Megan is dead.  However my conspiracy theory is that Megan is not only alive, she's the one who augmented you ("I love you" and "Forgive me" quote from the opening sequence is what makes me think this).


2.  They tell you where the hostages are:  "The Assembly Line".  This went completely over my head the first time around and I missed them completely too.  Follow the signs for the Assembly Line.  They are upstairs in the supervisors room but guarded by a Bomb.  On my first playthrough I got the code for the bomb off a terrorist I took out.  It stays the same on all playthroughs.  If you just want the code add 17, 22 and 146 to 1365.  Just input the final sum and the bomb disarms (I put it that way so you can work it out if you need it but won't actually know it if you want to look for it).  I don't kow if you can hack it because I remembered and used the code.


3.  Save the hostages and the supervisor at the end.  Speak to both of them and there is a reward waiting for you further in the game.


4.  This information is cosmetic and just part of the dialogue used to talk the terrorist down as mentioned above.


I'd recommend you re-start the game.  I went in thinking I'd be Mr Stealth with the long range tranquilizer only to find that it's hard not knowing where you're going and even worse trying to take down a group of guys with a slow reloading sniper tranquilizer.


Go for the lethal option.  You may still not kill anyone but if you are discovered you are able to deal with it.  Also you can sneak into the factory, gain the Ghost bonus, then go back and kill all the guards for the Man Down and Marksman bonuses.


Take your time and you'll discover the sneaky routes you didn't know were there.  You'll get replay value when you eventually try for the fully stealthy option but you'll also have the knowledge on how to approach it and succeed without the aid of an internet solutions guide.


Hope that helps.


It can be a pretty fun game.



Az, only wanted plot-lines, didn't need any gameplay tips.

Currently playing on hard as non-lethal, and the game is far too easy. Thats my only negative for this game atm. Why every game has to be so casual now-adays is beyond me.

[quote user="Lavindathar"]

Az, only wanted plot-lines, didn't need any gameplay tips.

Currently playing on hard as non-lethal, and the game is far too easy. Thats my only negative for this game atm. Why every game has to be so casual now-adays is beyond me.



So you've gone from "I couldn't even find the hostages" to "This game is too easy on non-lethal with the hardest settings"?


What a difference a Guide makes.


Well done you!