Deus Ex: Live Or Let Die?

Yes there may be impressively large achievements associated with not killing people and pulling stealth off is really satisfying.


At first you notice that you seem to get more points for the non-lethal takedowns, but then if you want to get the Ghost bonus it's difficult to take everyone out without activating an alarm.


Though the lethal alternative doesn't offer quite as many points per kill the fact that you can kill everyone who deserves it means that the points kind of balance each other out in the end, making for less of a reload headache if someone happens to spot you.


So for the reasons mentioned above I'm preferring the lethal approach, taking full advantage of non-lethal attacks when it's appropriate and finding this a much more fluid way to play and enjoy the game for the first time around.


With a better idea of what to expect and a better idea of the layout of areas then the stealth challenges will be exactly that because without any foreknowledge of what you're doing and where you're going, playing non-lethal stealth seems like an excercise in both frustration and futility without the aid of a guide or walkthrough.


What approach are the rest of you taking?




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I've been swapping around a lot to try and test the game to its fullest, but I prefer the non-lethal stealth option. I love getting as many Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses as I can, and try not to kill unless I can help it.

I do make exceptions to my kill rule; for example, while infiltrating a hideout, I came across two gang members chatting about an initation which involved one of the killing somebody. I broke my rule and, rather ,disposed of them.

Same here, ill play stealthy for as long as i can, and when there's no other alternative ill break out the augmented shotgun, its an amazing game, had some really cool moments but don't want to spoil anything for others :P

Killing, pretty much everything. At the suggestion of a friend i grabbed the Icarus Landing System Aug and thats really helped as now i can just jump from everywhere, land with a stun attack and just mow them down as they are lying on the ground.