Deus Ex Live Action Trailer

Just seen this and thought i would post for who ever is interested. The trailer is outstanding and hopefully the game will be just as good.




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That trailer looks absolutely superb Mexi! Cheers for sharing it! [Y] I barely remember the original game, but this really does look like its gonna be a great game!

You can pick up the originals for a few quid in a double pack mate. Been playing through them in recent months and there still just as good. Deus Ex scored high and while Invisible War was good it wasnt as good. Still though the new one has a lot to live upto.

Been waiting so long for a good Deus Ex, i hope this one lives up to the excellent original game.

Interesting.. But considering what most games are like these days. It's going to be a huge disappointment..  Let's just hope its not as bad as Duke Nukem Forever...

This is pretty much the only good game coming out right now. Also oreo, an elaborate preview build leaked ages ago. Loads of people already know what the game will be like so it won't be a huge disappointment. Feedback has been very positive on the leak so far.