Deus Ex In Store Deals

Does anyone know any eals going on for Deus Ex on Friday? I think after reading one review that said it's the best stealth game since MGS I'm severely tempted...

I was hoping there'd be some "Trade Game ABC in get Deus Ex for £5" but the nearest I can find is Game doing a deal where you get Deus Ex for half price if you trade Dirt 3, Lego Pirates or Lego Star Wars 3 (and I think Kinect Sports?)

Does anyone know any other deals/trade in offers??


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D'oh! Already traded in both Dirt3 and Lego Pirates!!! Having said that, I'm getting the Augmented edition so I doubt it would apply anyway.

I got a 'use this voucher to get 500 loyalty points when you buy in store' for Deus Ex in the post after I'd preordered it from their website.

No amount of points would convince me to buy anything from their shops theough.


Why not just buy where you save the most money? Who cares about any other issues, crap staff etc. Your in the store 30 seconds.

I did. I don't save money on buying Deus Ex with this voicher. I just  get .000000000000001p off my next purchase with this company. Game are just a joke.

Games deals save me a fortune. So I disagree.