DEUS EX DLC whats going on ?

I am getting ready for my 2nd run through this time all tooled up for a killing spree. I already have the Explosive Mission Pack and I thought I would get myself the Tactical Enhancement Pack the double barreled shotgun and sniper rifle .

I have 400+ points in my Live Rewards account and 860MSP on my dashboard account so I decided to spend some of my LR points, so I log into go to the market place and there I see both DLC , the TE pack is priced at 160 points ,'great' I think that's reasonable. I click to buy and get the now infamous 'oops you appear to have found a glitch' message  I have tried a dozen times to buy it yesterday and several times again today but still keep getting the message.

So I boot the console go to the Market find the DLC and am annoyed to see a different set of DLC in the respect that the EM pack is there on its own but the TE pack is now combined withe ME pack and costs 320 points not 160 as is shown online .

I'm damn*d if I am going to pay 320 points just for two weapons no matter how much it may help me ingame. The more I think about it the more I am annoyed ,it seems MS/SquareEnix are trying to force me to pay again for something I already have. So I have decided to save my points towards the upcoming Missing Link DLC.

While I am on the subject I still don't quite understand the whole MS/LR points scheme I originally thought the LR points would be transferred to my MS points account but it seems as though it is two separate accounts ,I mean to say combined I would have 1300 points , plenty to purchase something decent from the market place but separate isn't enough to get me much, its a crazy system.And please do not direct me to the rewards forum that's just useless with its stock answers Dohhhhh!


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The extra weapons dont really help much in all honesty mate so your not missing much. The best extra is the AUD which is pretty handy, save your dollar for the new DLC, its looking good.

Agreed AUD  has saved me a few times getting into places I wasn't really supposed to be :-) and as I'm going for Pacifist on 1st run I haven't used the URDED  yet, I was going to try it out on a gorilla but changed my mind and tried an EMP 'nade, I was sat on a wall looking down on it as it stomped about, dropped the 'nade on its back and watched it collapse just underneath me then nearly 'died ' as the damn thing self destructed.  :-))

But about the dual dash/online Marketplace DLC its just another thing about the system that's cocked up.

And now I've cooled off a bit I know where to get a sniper as soon as I hit the streets dohhh!  It's in a vent on the gundealers roof and I can buy the shotgun so yeah whats the point of wasting me dosh? 

Ok moan over :-))