detailed network stasics

Just asking because im lagging so bad on cod its almost unplayabe when i switch to ps4 version my bullets and seeing players first seemms better than the xbone version my connecion ranges from 150 to 160 latency and 120 meg to 12 meg upload virgin media uk, i am no crap but the lag is so bad i can barely go positives and face to deaths seems odd because on my screen it feels like im dead wih 1 shot and he when i see kill cam the guy is like a couple of seconds ahead of me, ps4 version is  the total opposie im getting higher kds, could you post your laency results testing it by xbone and country and your experience with cod, 150 to 160 latency is too high omg maybe the servers are in america thats why and sonys are in japan. I guess microsoft are putting americans as priority



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I haven't tried Ghosts on PS4 yet because PS4's are sold out. I can tell you it sucks on Xbox One for me. Just prooves online gaming is literally pointless.