If you are dissapointed in the Xbox One and/or it's selection of games at the moment, post these displeasures in the comment space below. By adding your feedback here, you will unclog the rest of the forum space designated "Xbox One General Discusssion" for people who have constructive ideas on how to further expand the console's ecosystem and create an environment free of hate. As a plus, the people who post here will have a general mindset of negativity towards the Xbox brand which means more things that you may have in common to talk about. Thank you reading thus far and please have a nice "Dissapointed in Xbox One" day.

DISCALIMER: I am NOT dissapointed in my Xbox One.


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Fail. Nice try. As this thread is for sure to cause flames and console war I am reporting it now.

Reporting for trying to get a whole bunch of threads that cause flame wars in a daily bases under one roof instead of letting them run wild? How dumb can someone get...

Dambn MS I am disappointed you gave me a free xbox one and a free game and other free stuff. Take it back and stop treating me so good


You obviously didn't read my post and have completely undermined my true intentions.

I'm all for this thread but you can almost guarantee that the usual haters will stay away haha

Hey Shark, appreciate the effort here but the forum we are encouraging people to post feedback in can be found here.


Feedback Forums


Of course, feedback is bound to fall in here from time to time but we're encouraging people to direct it there so it is better sorted.  This space is for general discussion about Xbox ONe and feedback is bound to pop up in here by nature but if you're actively and intentionally providing it the link above is the place to go.  Thanks!


I applaud your intentions but it defeats the purpose of people intruding on our fun.

Oh btw did you really feel the need to attack my intelligence? It's ok I forgive you though. Ambassador