Demand 5 server issues??? HELP!!!!!

I have Demand 5, evrtytime i access the applicaton, i get the "Server Unavailable" error...any fixes for this????


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ask them.

Hurry up and fix this!!!!


Try your PC?

I'm not sure why this is happening at all it happens with all the apps. However last night, i managed to overcome this by clicking into the show categorys quickly and the error never popped up tried it today and it's not working can someone sort this out it's flippin' annoying. I have contacted Xbox support and they cannot do anything about this at all. The apps are unreliable and only work at certain times of the day 90% of the time the server is turned off.


You could just use the PC your using... All the apps are on PC as well...

Demand 5 is just BAD!!! EVERY programme I watch skips frames and you lose the same amount of audio in that time too, sort it or get rid of it Xbox!!

I have the same problem, right now when i want to get on Demand 5 i get a server unavailable message, got it 3 days straight.

Also Marwood, i get missing frames too, the video speeds up for a few seconds then goes back to normal.

I've emailed channel 5 numerous times over the last couple of months and no reply at all, they are just ignorant.