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Hi all might be the wrong place to post but i dont know where to put this topic. Ive just pre orderd Dead Island from Amazon and have put the postage on first class. Now the estimate claims it will be Dispatched on the Thursday and get here on the Saturday. Im just curious are these estimates with Amazon usually accurate? or is there still a chance i will get it on day of release this coming Friday?


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If I put first class on from Amazon I usually get the game on release or in very rare cases the day before. If I use super saver thing then it doesn't usually arive until the following week.

first class is normally fast hopefully (depending on what time in the day they send it on thursday) you will get it for friday

First Class is normally two working days, sometimes 1 depending on your area, standard post is usually 3 to 5 working days for example. Recording delivery is usually the next day.

Most retailers will send out pre-orders on the Tuesday before the Release day of Friday to make sure it has 3 working days at 1st Class to be delivered on the Friday, which is why in most cases it arrives a day early on the Thursday for most people

Thanks for the replies fellas! its just i was slightly dissapointed when i saw the estimate for delivery saying Saturday after i payed a little extra to get it faster. So to see those replies fills me with a little more confidence.

You should get it on the Thursday, all of my pre-orders have come a day early from Amazon. It says when you place the order, if you pay for first class, you are guaranteed to get the game on release day. Happy zombie smashing!!


First Class is 90% next day (at a legal min), it has to be. Royal Mail with the reg (POSTCOM) states they must dev 90.1% of all first class type mail the next day.

@NerveAgent above is why, ShopTo use royal mail and them only unlike say GAME who I won't be pre-ordering off again.

(Don't expect to get MW3 on the tuesday btw people if order from GAME unless they give it to the DSA 3rd partys on thursday/friday as how long it takes to process it and then give to royal mail to dev it.)

No  idea  what  you  were  saying  to  me  there  sorry