Deleting uninstalled game tile

I recently deleted killer instinct and it's left a grey tile saying ready to install. I won't be installing it again so can I delete this tile?? Cheers

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did you try to unpin it? this is assuming it is pinned, other then that I don't know

It didn't pin it mate, I'm baffled how to get rid of it :-/

Yeah i deleted NBA LIve demo and it comes up under the my games & apps tab at the end saying "ready to install"....Hopefully a patch fix's this cuzz im gonna be deleting a lot more games and demos than just NBA live in the near future lol dont want a bunch of deleted games taken up space on the tab.

Same here I don't want it taking up space. Fingers crossed for an update to sort this :)

I think this is basically to show you games/apps that you own but have deleted from your hard drive.

It'll make sense to be able to hide them.