Deleted Xbox One Account

Having spent many hours and days contacting MicroSoft LivePersons regarding my 9 year old Son's accidental deletion of his account and the family. Transcript of Live Chat info: Please wait for an agent to respond. The current average wait time is 0 minutes. Thank you for your patience. info: Privacy Statement You are now chatting with 'Elca' Elca: Welcome to Xbox Customer Support. My name is Elca! We know that you have been waiting on the line and we appreciate your patience in staying with us. Rest assured, we will find the best solution for your query today. Elca: Hello, how may I help you today? you: I was on a call with a Liveperson which had not completed due to a lost internet connection. Elca: I see. May I have your name please for me to address you properly. you: Mark Ireland Elca: Thank you Mark. Elca: May I ask what is your query today? you: After spending many hours and days trying to get my problem sorted I have got no where fast as I have spoken to at least five live persons and the problem has not been resolved. Elca: I'm sorry to hear that Mark. No worries. Rest assured that I’ll do my best to assist and help you with this. Elca: May I ask what is your problem? you: Would it be possible for you to reference my last Livechat around 10mins ago with a live rep which may explain my problem. Elca: Okay. I am now reviewing your previous chat session to the other representative. Elca: I see here that your having problem on your son's xbox live account and the account was deleted, right? you: Yes that is correct. Elca: Alright. Elca: May I have your present gamertag? you: awfulhobgoblin8 and Hungrycrayon10 Elca: Thank you. Let me pull up the 2 account. Elca: Mark, I send a support code via email to the both account. Kindly check and type the code for me please. you: Code omitted by me. Elca: Thank you so much. Elca: Can you please check if you have receive another code to the Hungrycrayon10 gamertag. you: Codes omitted by me. Elca: It seems that the code is not valid. Can you please log in to you: We're do I do this have you a link. Elca: Please click here Elca: Please click on the link above. you: Code omitted by me. Elca: Thank you so much. Elca: Mark do you still remember on which account did you redeem the code for the game Forza 5? you: I think this was a Mouldy Centaur account when all the first accounts were deleted off the XBox One. you: I do not believe its available for the awfulhobgoblin8 or HungryCrayon10 accounts. Elca: Let me check here. Elca: As I checked the the 2 codes Mark the code for the Forza Motorsport 5 is already redeemed last 12/25/13 and the code for the Forza Motorsport 5 Day One Car Pack is not yet redeemed. Elca: Since you told me earlier that you already redeem that code the account Mouldy Centaur and you already deleted. I apologize Mark, once you deleted your account all your information's, achievement or any data will also be deleted. you: Yes the Froza 5 Motorsport code was redeemed on Christmas Day but accidentally deleted on the 26th Dec 13 this is what has caused the problem as all our accounts and GamerTags were deleted on Boxing Day thus giving this problem. Elca: May I ask where did you deleted the account in the console or in the website? you: Should I just return the XBox for a Full refund as this is not acceptable to me. you: We can not be sure if the game is installed on the console or it's somewhere in the cloud on Microsoft servers. Elca: I've checked here the gamertag Mouldy Centaur and the account does not exist. I also check the email address (omitted) and still there is not transaction or subscription there and the gamertag is not Mouldy Centaur it's Hungrycrayon10. Elca: Have you tried re-download your profile? you: Well if the Mouldy Centaur is no longer there as it's deleted can you issue a new Froza5 code for use on Hungrycrayon10 and give a 9 year old his game again! Elca: Let me check. Elca: Thank you so much for waiting Mark. Elca: Unfortunately Mark, we are unable to provide or give out Forza 5 anymore as compensation. However, I can give you personally a free game that might ease your frustration a bit. Elca: The game is Killer Instinct. All you need to do is sign in to your account now on your console and search for the Killer Instinct game. I have already unlocked it for you to redeem it on your end. Elca: Or you can simply click on this link below to get the game. you: Would this game be suitable for a 9 year old boy? Elca: It's rated 16+ Mark. But you can set it under parental controls for him to play this. Elca: But as far as the Forza 5 is concerned, we really are unable to provide that as compensation because the system would no longer allow us to. Sorry :( you: That would not be suitable to me or him! Elca: I would love to help you with that Mark but my hands here are tied also. Elca: If only I have that option here I would do so right away to make this easier for the both of us. you: Who can I contact regarding this matter as live persons have been of no help at all. you: All we require is the Froza 5 game as offered in the Day One Xbox release. Elca: I always want to give my customers the best support they deserve, Mark. But part of it is being honest with what I can and cannot do here. I really do hope you understand. But if you want, you can contact Xbox Phone support at 08005871102 you: We're is this support as I am in the UK. Elca: That's for the phone support in your region (UK). you: Well if you cannot offer a more suitable game for my son I will have to get onto customer support regarding this matter. info: Your chat transcript will be sent to (omitted) at the end of your chat. you: Have you a game suitable for a 9 year old. Elca: As much as I really want to provide or give you a game that will suit to your son's age Mark, my hands are tied here. Please do understand my end here. :( Elca: We do have another free game that's available which is Xbox Fitness. you: I would like to resolve this here any further help would be appreciated. you: Peggie 2 you: Can you offer a code for a future release. Elca: That's unfortunately not available for free Mark. Again, as much as I want to give what you want, I really am not in the position to do that for you. I really do apologize Mark. Elca: Please hang on as I go check if there's anything else I can do here on my end Mark. Elca: Mark? Can you please check your (omitted) email for a verification code that I've sent out? I want to check the accounts more thoroughly. you: Yes I will check. you: Code omitted by me. Elca: I appreciate that. Elca: Hold on please. Elca: Thank you so much for waiting Mark. Elca: I've already check everything here in my end. Unfortunately, I did not see any code redeem on the 2 accounts that you provided to me earlier. I apologize for this experience that you have been through Mark. Elca: If only I have that option here how can I deprive you. Elca: In providing the free game. Elca: I have not heard from you for a while. Do you still need assistance? Elca: I have not heard from you for a while. Do you still need assistance? you: What do you mean is there nothing further you can do I would like to say my Sons first experience with XBox One has proved to be bad and I don't believe he will be buying any online games through the online store as our machine has not lived up to the XBox One we thought we had purchased. you: I hope this could be sorted all I can say is Thank you. Elca: I apologize for your Impression Mark. info: Your chat transcript will be sent to (omitted) at the end of your chat. Would anyone have some advice how to help.

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Really long and hard to read why don't you summarize it

Holy wall of text. I skimmed a bit and best I can tell is you claim your son deleted an account with Forza attached to it and you want them to give you free Forza for the account they have no record of? Best of luck.

Holy wall of Text Batman! All account info is stored on the server. If it was deleted off the console, just redownload it. IF he somehow closed the account on the server side, you are out of luck. They will not recover it for you. Next time, please try to give a better summary instead of your life story.

I stopped reading after "my nine year old son "  adult supervision could have stopped this wall of text because the problem wouldn't have occurred.

Why not just redownload the profile?????  It's not that hard.

My apologies,

We may have closed the account as he tried to reset the Froza 5 game back to the start of play and headed towards Settings>System>Restore Factory Defaults as far as I am aware this has caused the problem.

Would there be any reason to think this was not to restore back to the original state for the game or should this area be restricted to more advanced users.


just re download the account onto the xbox one with the email address and password (basically sign in) then redownload forza, job done, by resetting the console it will wipe the account but you can just re download said account and all purchases bought with the account can still be downloaded.

^^  Pretty much exactly what Farscape just wrote.