Delete local data and now not syncing

Hi I deleted the local save data to try and sort an achievement issue out. But now some games are not syncing (batman and halo mcc) other digital games and disc games have managed to sync but the others haven't. I was wondering if it was to do the actual game being in my Xbox and the dlc on my external storage. Any suggestions please?

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I found a new way of doing it and it works for me, start the game, let it sync for 30 seconds or so, then just quit the game fully and start the game straight back up, syncs really fast then with no errors, but this is for me but may be worth tying.

Ok so i contacted Xbox, they went through the steps I've already taken, still no joy.

They even had me reset my console to factory settings, and still some games such as batman and halo mcc won't sync to iCloud.

Has anyone any ideas at all?

I have tried everything I know that should work by now. I've deleted the game, I've reset my Xbox I delete something called clear space , ive deleted dlc. I've moved it all to my internal hard drive. Nothing works

It tries to sync, it seems to get to 97-98-99% and fail.

When I choose offline my saved game appears on my Xbox hard drive again but nothing is synced. So if I played it at the point that I last played it from it would all be offline.

I need to sort this issue as my halo mcc is the same. I'm scared to try sync all my other games. I don't want to have lost the save files I've invested too much time into it.

I don't understand why it's done this.

Try resetting the Xbox hold the power button on front of the Xbox until it turns off then unplug it for 5 - 10 mins

I have tried to sync batman Arkham knight about 15 times now, it's a smallish game and I'm only 20% of the way in. But it just keeps failing. FFS

I am having the same issue, it can take in excess of 10 minutes to sync on a game if you have done a lot in said game, just leave it syncing it will either error or complete.  if it errors then just start it syncing again it will start where it left off.