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I was just wondering will dedicated servers be a help to people with a slower Internet connection? My broadband speed download speed is 4295kps upload is only 358.4kps and ping 29ms. I don't have any lag problems (full green bars blops2) but if someone in my house surfs the net whilst I'm playing online it can cause lag. Unfortunately I live in a area where I can't get a faster broadband connection so just wondered if dedicated servers make any difference as I want to pre order the xbox1 but want to make sure I can play online ok with it.

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Yes, Dedicated Servers mean that the server runs the game and only the game.

In most MP online games, (especially in the consoles), gaming is done through P2P gaming, or Peer-to-Peer. This means that one person is the Host, and all information goes to the hosts machine before it is sent out to everyone else. This is why in games like Call of Duty you had that annoying "Host has left the match," and it would find a new host.

With dedicated servers, all of the information runs to the dedicated server first, then to everyone else. This is why with games like Warhawk and Socom, when the host leaves, no one really knows, because the host is just someone who has control of the room with dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers also mean that everyone shares the same lag.(or none at all). Because all your information hits a certain server, is processed there, and sent back.

(In other words, your internet connection won't be a problem, and you should see a improvement)

Thank you for answering my question and putting my mind at rest, much appreciated 👍