Deciding between Xbox One and PS4 -- please help


The main feature I want is to be able to switch the game I'm playing without changing discs. I understand PS4 will not have this functionality (is that right?). Will Xbox One have it? This is a big deal for me because getting up to change discs is by far the most irritating thing about owning a console (as opposed to Steam etc.).

Thanks so much!


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If you download all your games (don't buy discs) then both machines can switch without discs...

Both consoles offer full digital gaming. If you buy your games as digital, you can switch between them at your leisure.

I see. Will all titles be available for download? Or just like arcade and stuff?

Yes all titles, make sure you get a fitness game or something...that way you get your blood moving around while not changing your discs....

keep in mind sony hasn't mentioned anything certain about usb storage for games and ms has stated they will support usb harddrives.

@lostmymind...both have expandable storage options.....Sony has a removeable HDD  and Microsoft has a future update to allow external HDD