decent arcade games?

Any good arcade games worth downloading? is angry birds on the marketplace also?


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Any good arcade games worth downloading? is angry birds on the marketplace also?


No angry birds, the indie marketplace has Angry Fish though which is basically a knock off version.

Arcade games worth getting

Doritos Crash course : Free plus its kinda like total wipeout

Trials HD: Lose your mind fine motor function temper alot for 1200MSP (or avaliable specially packaged for £15 from gamestation stores with Limbo and Splosion man

Harms Way: Free and the result of breeding arcade racing titles with FPS games

Uno: it rocks that is when your not playing in the room with the dude naked on vision camera, seriously theres no girls here no go away.

Battlefield 1943: FPS from back in the days when FPS games weren't full of morons.

Castle Crashers: If ever someone asked for a hack and slash MMO on 360 this is probably as close as you'll get on the arcade, but its just sooo epic.

Comic jumper: Play as Captain smiley as you try to avoid being sued for referancing old films and racial stereotyping, oh and theres something about a great action game with lots of humour or something.

Costume quest: From the mind of Tim Schafer comes a fun simple yet very out there RPG game where you must save your sibling from the monster who kidnapped said sibling by donning your halloween costume and levelling up with candy all while you transform to fight evil monsters using your costumes in built powers such as missles, rainbows, bats, smoke bombs and even throwing salt at the enemy

Earth Worm Jim HD: Yeh i couldn't beat the PC original either but the HD remake has adjustable difficultcy meaning even I can get somewhere in the game.

Magic The gathering 2012: Ok theres two versions on the marketplace both have issues, 2012 is the better one though

MegaMan 9 : Never played a megaman game well prepare to learn how tough games used to be in a retro but very cool game

Monday Night Combat: Welcome to the future of sports entertainment as you play Team Fortress 2 meets tower defence game in the stadiums of the future

Peggle: yeh you thought bejeweled was addictive this one goes beyond it.

Perfect Dark HD: we might no be getting goldeneye 64 (yeh yeh activision remake that sounds bad) but this was the spiritual sequal from the time when Rare were damn good.

Scott Pilgrim the game: Read the comic , Seen the Film now how about play the amazingly good tie in game that exsists in a world between the comic and the films.

Section 8 Prejudice: A very good team based FPS game with the ultimate anti spawn camp mechanic, the ability to drop in from the upper atmosphere.

Uno and Full house poker are fun games when you can't be bothered to play games that take "effort" they are good fun and can meet some interesting people.

Both the Keflings games are good, From Dust is also decent. Also check out Toy Soldiers.

From Dust.

From Dust and Skydrift  are both awesome

Hobble has mentioned a lot of the good one's, I will say Trials HD is probably my fave arcade game, if not one of the best games arcade or retail.

Always worth keeping an eye on the Deal of the Week, quite often some of the decent arcade games at a reduced price.

guardian heroes is out is less than 4 weeks if you are willing to wait for it

Trials , Limbo , Splosion Man 3 of the best games out there

£4 each you cant go wrong here 

Some more worth looking at that haven't been mentioned;

"Shadow Complex" is a platformer very similar in gameplay to Super Metroid, you open up more areas of the map as you acquire new abilities / equipment and you will need multiple playthroughs for all the achievements.

"Plants Vs Zombies" is a PopCap casual game that's a twist on standard tower defense titles, it's highly addictive, funny & has "Crazy Dave" which makes it worth a purchase on that alone.

"Raskulls" is fun, it's primarily a racing platformer but has a few other modes in the main quest such as carving specific paths without damage and shaping obstacles, it's better with friends though.

"W40K Kill Team" is good if you like twin stick shooters, again this is better with a friend but only supports local co-op unfortunately.

"Torchlight" is another to add if you like Diablo style action RPGs, it's again quite addictive and even has an "almost" infinite dungeon for you to trawl through.

Really enjoyed Kill Team. May not be to everyones liking.

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