Death threats not bannable? (sorry long read)

I recently got my first ban from xbox live, it was a 24 hour ban for having the word "***" in my profile, even though it has many different definitions including strange, and weird, they decided I meant homosexual. I didnt have much of a leg to stand on to fight MY ban, yet when I called customer service after filing complaints previously about the gamertag who got me banned. [Mod Rmoved] whom sent me 15 messages in 10 mins all of which I complained about, he said everything from threatening to *** my family and kill my kids and burn down my house, I complained twice about this person 1 for glitching/tampering and 1 for foul ban. I then proceeded to ask the tech why my complaints weren't looked into, he said I will get banned for having *** in my profile "because it alters others gaming experience" I asked him how something in my profile that you dont have to read to play me alters gamers experience more than people glitching and sending death threats. I have the death threat messages still recorded, played em for him, he said if they keep threatening me the mods will take away their communications???? SO IF YOU HAVE *** IN YOUR PROFILE, YOU GET IT BLOCKED OUT WITH CODE OF CONDUCT, THEN YOU HAVE TO NOT DO ANYTHING ONLINE FOR 24 HOURS, IF YOU MAKE DEATH THREATS AND BULLY PEOPLE ONLINE WHILE GLITCHING YOU MIGHT ONLY LOSE YOUR ABILITY TO SEND AND RECEIVE MESSAGES!?!?!?    Mods I pose this question to you like I did the tech, where in America will I get punished WORSE for saying or writing the word *** (which has many definitions) than I would for hacking(a federal crime in certain situations) or sending death threats to people and *** threats. [Mod Removed] have continually harassed me and when I threatened to complain they got me banned for something that's been in my profile for over a year. When will microsoft fix the holes in their complaint and banning system? Is it gonna take a kid killin themselves cause they're getting harassed on xboxlive before you get it right? Xbox needs to stop ignoring common sense only because its making hand over fist. I want those messages listened to by a mod and I want the 2 that sent em to me banned. and [Mod Removed]thats not an unfair request!!!!!!!! Any mods please make sense of this in a message or an email. or just send me something with the cant stop the glitchers, xboxlive will always be rampant with glitchers, and if your a normal guy that wants a fair game with no trash talk, its just a matter of time til the glitchers report you for complaing about them glitching. DISGUSTING THAT I GOT BANNED FOR CODE OF CONDUCT,YET OBVIOUS MORE EXTREME VIOLATIONS SUCH AS THREATENING TO *** AND KILL, AND GLITCHING GO 100% UNPUNISHED, IF THE MOD TEAM CANT DO THEIR JOB AND REMOVE THE REAL PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF BEING PLAYED LIKE AN IDIOT AND BANNING THE GUY BEING BULLIED WE NEED A HUGE OVERHAUL TO THE MODS DEPT!!!!!!!!!!


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There is no point in phoning support to file a complaint as that isn't something they handle.


To get the Enforcement Team to see the complaint you must do it through your console

Isn't that considered a terrorist threat these days? If Microsoft doesn't want to do anything about it, then maybe the police will? At any rate, I agree 100% with you.  We live in a messed up world these days. I couldn't even put "God is good" in my profile (I tried Jesus, too), yet another person has a gamertag by the name of Jesuseatsfarts or something like that.  Where's the logic in that? Anyway, I hope you get some justice with this.

After like the 3rd or 4th message I probably would've just done the obvious thing.... block him.

@AZORES ASSASSIN Maybe you should read my profile. Using the word you claimed to have used gets you a 24 hr ban yes when used in the wrong context. If you read the ToU and CoC then you would have read that it is allowed to be used to describe yourself. So, claiming you can get banned for using said word in your profile is false. I have said word in my profile. Only because I am describing myself.

Taken directly from the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct:

D. Expression of Relationship Orientation

You may use the following terms to express your relationship orientation or gender identity in your profile or Gamertag:

  • L esbian
  • G ay
  • Bi
  • Transgender
  • Straight

Other terms regarding relationship orientation are not allowed. In addition you may not use these terms or any other terms regarding relationship orientation to insult, harass, or any other pejorative use against other users.

Additionally, if you feel the need, you may contact your local police department to report threats you believe to be of a serious nature.


@KLRSKIR but the COC also says you are not allowed to abuse, stalk, harass or threaten anyone on the live network. so how can that person get away with just a communication ban when he should have been banned off Live? i think the system is stupid if the poster got a 24 hr ban for having a word in there he shouldnt have (not saying i dont agree that it shouldnt have been in there anyway) whereas the person harassing him gets a slap on the wrist for something that is clearly a bannable offense. that is a load of crap honestly.

Since I have no details regarding this situation, nor the investigation (if any), I'm really not at liberty to comment. I will say that it takes far less time to institute action against a user which has visibly broken the rules (profile content, gamertag, in-game violations).

In severe cases which involve death-threats, bodily harm, etc., it is always recommended to contact your local authorities to file a report. They will then have the means, if they feel it necessary, to contact Microsoft. Microsoft will work with the local police, and if necessary, agencies all the way up to the F.B.I. in rare cases where this is necessary. The bottom line is always follow the rules Microsoft has set forth while playing in their playground. Things don't always happen as fast as we expect they should, but things do happen. In all cases, the Policy and Enforcement Team will not disclose any information regarding any action which is taken against any user.


i understand that it takes less time for those who visibly broke the rules. but the poster did say that he still had those  messages saved and even sent them to MS. that should have been just as quick to ban the other person off live and not just a communication ban.

i dont think he has anything to worry about though. i used to get death threats all the time from people when i played on live. i used to play COD Multiplayer religiously and people i played against didnt like the way i played and kept threatening me. i didnt care (still dont) cuz its only a video game and i doubt that anyone would get so mad at someone in a video game that they would try to hunt down that 1 person for making them mad. but that is just me. im not saying that they should completely disregard the aggressor cuz the odds of carrying out the threat are extremely slim. but if they really want people to follow the COC or TOS then they should do their jobs to there fullest and ban people accordingly to the degree of the offense. because i can tell you right off the top of my head that by reading what the poster said, the aggressor broke 2 things in the TOS when doing that. that is what i believe should be a ban off of live. not just a communication ban.

and i am not arguing with you. i know you dont have any details on the situation. i am just giving my view on the subject.

this is one reason I never put anything  in my profile, to bad you can't just turn off the profile altogether