Death of Physical

With the new 1600msp games creeping in with the Res evil games and most the recent addiction crysis it seems they are upping the ante all the time regarding games on demand i also noticed EA games dont bother putting in manuals anymore and its on the disk plus there season pass which lets you download a game 3 days before its realsed they are pushing all the time to go digital.


I for one will stop gaming once this happens unless the price off games are simliar to steam and i cant see that happening since they are over priced now when they should be cheaper since you actually aint getting a disk/case and the need to manurfature said items, it just doesnt make sense its common knowledge you're paying the same for less...


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I'd love to play all my games from the hard drive, but not until I feel I'm getting value for money.

I don't really trade in games, so I don't care about that bit, but until I can buy game on launch day and pay shop prices for older games I can't see myself doing it.