Dear Xbox Live Enforcement Team,

I'd like to report someone who claimed that his uncle was a Microsoft Supervisor. He later stated that he will call his said uncle to have him ban me forever. Now, this shouldn't be tolerated what so ever. It all started when I was beating him in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He claimed that I was boosting, which means that someone on the other team was purposely letting me kill them to get points. This is false, I was just doing really good. I'll admit that I used some vulgar language towards him when he sent the initial messge, but can you blame me? I spoke to support in chat and they game a case number but I do not remember it and I forgot to copy it. However, I have the Gamertag of the culprit. I also have proof in a message.

His Gamertag is:[GT Removed]

Please do something about this, it isn't right. I spent a lot of money on my Xbox and my account. 


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It would be awesome if Microsoft did something about ur problem but the odds of them doing so seem to be slim. They won't even take care of hackers that get reported  or anything else of the like. I'm not saying that they won't do something about it but I wouldn't hold my breath either, perfect example of what i talking about is when my account on MY Xbox was hacked by a hacker in an older cod game , they player didnt like how well I was doing and sent me a voice message saying that the next time I got on the game I wouldn't be able to play multiplayer aging and lord and behold I'm locked out of being able to play multiplayer on said game , I called Microsoft as soon as it happened with the number that is provided on the box of the for the Xbox with they persons screen name and even played the voice message to the rep that took down my complaint but there was nothing they could do to unlock my account and the person responsible for locking the account out is still playing online to this day. That's just my experience with Microsoft dealing with problems on Xbox live,the customer service isn't very good at all i do how ever wish you luck with ur complaint and hope they actually do something about it

Calling out gamertags is against forum rules. File a complaint via your console & it will be investigated,it just sometimes takes time as the enforcement team get thousands of complaints a day.

 If you think this doesn't work then take a look here   about 90% of the people were caught through the complaint system.

 It's also up to the game developers to police their games & do something about modders etc.