Deal Of The Week Is A Slap In The Face!

So I actually would have bought Need For Speed Rivals for 50% off (like it is on the 360), but it seems to still be full price. I'm starting to think this is a great time to be a 360 Owner. :P

...and before someone says "That's why I kept my 360!", I also have both, but I see no point in going backwards with my future purchases. :P


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There are other deals this week on Xbox one.....

Same brand but different platforms.

"DLC of the week" i am suprised there's even games on there, 99% of the time i go on it it's one game then all the dlc for said game or games in the franchise, saving me a quid ere n there if i actually wanted dlc....

But it is a good time to have a 360, i have snappped up a load of bargains on them mental 3 day sales they do, picking up games for 3 quid, it's nice to grab games i didn't want to pay full price for

These deals of the week are pretty lame... I can understand why the XB1 doesn't have many deals, it doesn't have many games... But there are over 1,100 games on Xb360 and yet the same content gets discounted over and over and over again. It's beyond being a joke.

oooh 50% off bling on NBA 2k, let me just go snap that straight up, i used to mock my mate when he paid for an avatar adidas t shirt but bling for a game..... what a deal :/

I agree bray4ever. I was browsing the games library the other day on the 360 and was amazed to see that a lot of games that were years old were still way overpriced. I'm talking the sort of games that would be in the cheap $10 bin at my local game store still being sold for $50 or more. It's a bit rediculous. I mean I picked up Arma 2 with it's 5 expansion packs on steam the other day for $10. How Microsoft justifies it's prices of older titles is beyond me. There would be a lot of games I would pick up on the 360 that I missed playing, but certainly not for what they are charging!

How u think i feel i brought need for speed on xbox one a few days ago lol i only payed £20

Why only a 17% discount for Xbox One for NBA 2k14?

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

What's sad is seeing all the games discounted already prior to the next version launching.  I know they used to do the greatest hits thing.  That's great to sell last years madden and such.  I am proud of my game collection and have purchased most on launch day.  

i understand the need for black Friday and such but i noticed at a retail store most my my x1 games were already 49.   so new customers get a free game and extra controller then less for games.  Seems like Xbox should do something w the first edition buyers

It's obvious this is the year of the 360.  Loads of inexpensive games while you wait for the X1 to be improved upon and for new games to come out.  I'm not sure why the hurry to move to the next gen when it's rather barren right now.  

You can obliterate newbies at the moment, but that will change within time. I won't care if this doesn't happen, but it would be nice if the first Games With Gold was exclusive for people who owned the Xbox One before 2014 came into effect. We should get a choice of one of each (MS exclusives only to make it easier to make free):

AAA Group


-Dead Rising 3

-Forza 5


DL Group

-Peggle 2

-Max: TCoB

-Dead Rising 3 Season Pass

-Titanfall Season Pass

-Forza 5 Car Pass

-Ryse Season Pass

It would be nice. Then you can open up GWG for everyone else.

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