Dead Space 2

I completed Dead Space 2 on the 2nd hardest difficulty and it said that I had unlocked the + save game type.  It never actually gave me the option to start a game that way so I started another run through on easy and have only just realised that the stacked achievemnts havent carried over ie the severing limbs cheevo and the decompressor cheevo.  Gutted cos now Im gonna have to do another run.  Is there any reason why I was never given the + game option??


Thanks in advance



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Its called new game +

Thanks, I know what its called but it never game me the option.  Its blacked out not highlighted so I can select it.

Are you sure you made the save after completing dead space 2?

But if you did it on the hardest difficulty you must have already had a New Game +, because the hardest difficulty is only available once you've completed the game once and then started again on New Game +.

Nah like I said I completed it on the 2nd hardest difficulty. It then said I had unlocked New Game + but the option is blacked out and not highlighted? I have the option now of playing on the hardest difficulty.

My bad I misread it :P If you can now play on Insanity (forget what its called) then you should be able to have New Game + as thats the save file that recognises you can play on that difficulty.

Strange eh, well Im on chapter 8 on my second play through anyway but looks like im gonna have to do it again on casual after this.  Gutted.

At least running through with the hand cannon takes about 3 hours in total.

Unfortunatley I havent done it on Hard Core so don't have the Hand Cannon waahahahaaaah!

Try loading up the save where you had beaten the game. If you have to, just beat it again and make sure to save over that file. As soon as you do that, the game should let you start a New Game+. If I remember correctly, if you beat the game and save but turn off your console before starting a New Game+ you have to load up that save file so it will give you the option.

Just so you guy's know you can't start a new game+ on Hardcore Difficulty..