Dead Rising 3 - Showed on Games with Gold

Guys, please explain!  For the last 2 Days my games with gold page under the featured games heading at xblive store has been showing 'Dead Rising 3' for the XB-ONE as a Free Game.

Although it never went free to Gold members during the time it was up on that page, I would like to point out that this is a stuff up of Epic proportions and has severely upset me and several friends that I had advised to keep an eye on the page for when the pricing was updated (and they WERE seeing the same information they tell me).

It has now been reverted to 'Max - The Curse of Brotherhood' game and NOTHING has been said to apologise for the false information!  

Please know it is things like This that will truly cost you loyal customers!  I am a long time live user, but if this sort of thing can happen at this stage of the game after a new console release, I have to say I am disappointed! 

Please reply with how this could happen and if you plan to make up for such misleading information being placed up! 

Thank you. 


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MS doesn't read these forums... However during the "purchase" process there is a page that says if you click accept your card will be charged and provides you with the amount.  Might I suggest just chalking this up to human error.  Who knows maybe DR3 will be one of the GWG free games next month and someone hit apply instead of save.  I know I have made mistakes.  Hell the other night I ordered Italian and I said a whole order of garlic bread and they sent me 4 whole orders of garlic bread... human error.

Yes that is very strange! Just make sure you don't accidentally purchase it.