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Hello i am looking for a co-op partner to help me finish the story from start to end, picking up achievments along the way.I am only level 13 and have reset my story so we can start from the begining i am quite good at the game with knowledge of areas, i will accept anyone who has a mic and speaks english any skill level wanted.If you are interested please send me a message via my gamertag MBK Endure please dont friend request me as my friends list is full if you message me j can remove inactive members of my list. I also have cast west to play on co-op wiht also.

Hope to hear back from you soon either message me via XBL or reply to this post, and i look forward to seeing somone on DR2 very soon as im sick of playing against people who quit or wont let you join.

P.S my connection is ok but it can be funny with some people so i might not be able to connect to all of you and i do d/c sometimes but its been fine atm.

I may well be up for this. I have Brink commitments for a few days but I still have DR2 and the guide, so we should be able to get all Zombrex posters etc too.

Great i poped you a friend request, ill be starting my story from the start thought and we can go to the end by our selfs and get achievemnts  along the way im level 13 as i reset my story,send me a message next time we are both online :)

P.S others feel free to contact me the more the better.

Cool beans. My Chuck is fully equipped to deal with the walking dead

What level is he?

and is it worth buying some add ons like ninja outfit ?

I dont have any of the DLC add-ons. My Chuck is level 50, so plenty of space for stuff and gubbins.