Dead Island

So today I got my review copy of Dead Island in the post. I'm happy to say that from a quick play, it's looking like the only game that will keep me off Madden 12 this week!

Anyway, if anyone has any game related questions, please post them and I'll do my best to answer.


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[quote user="The Holy Pie"]One thing that I've not heard of in any of the reviews so far is difficulty scaling during online co-op. Does the difficulty fluctuate at all based on how many players are in the game? More zombies, zombies have more health, more frequent special zombie encounters...[/quote]

[quote user="Edge Review"]Enemies level with the highest-ranking player, so newcomers joining at a later point find the odds stacked against them. Thanks to weapon levelling, during our playtest one online companion was unable to wield any of the tools available to him. In order to develop his stats to a basic stick-waving standard, we had to sniff out lone zombies, disarm them (literally) and let the newbie sheepishly kick them to death.[/quote]

[quote user="IGN Review"]Players can only join the games of people who are equal or lesser levels. I can't be level 31 and about to win the game and have a level 1 player join me. It might sound depressing, but there are tons of character slots, so having a character for different sessions shouldn't be too tough.[/quote]

[quote user="OXM Review"]It's drop-in, drop-out and as usual enriches the experience enormously, but because this is an action RPG in the Borderlands vein rather than a straightforward FPS the equipment you're able to use and your effectiveness against enemies is based on what level you're at. The problem being, unless you all started the game together, that level might not be the same as your co-op buddies. You aren't rewarded with extra XP for taking the time to kick higher level enemies to death, which means you can end up permanently hobbled as the group's glass-jawed weakest link.[/quote]

The IGN weirdo also says he likes how the scaling works in the video review so there are pretty wildly differing opinions on how well it works. I suppose if you want it to be a challenge you could always join people who are a higher level than you.

Please don't post info about the game!!! My only warning...

Cant see how to edit posts, any chance you could let me know what install size is?

I know you havent done much, but from what you can see how big is the map would you say?

I just got the game today and will be playing it with some friends. I am telling you it is epic. Keeps me on my toes !!

I cant link reviews else i get banned?! plus its a ps3 copy so even more chances of ban...dom?

its a review copy! soooooooo review it! :) please. looking forward to this game, really hope i aint dissapointed

Whats the weapon crafting like? How are the missions, are they simple fetch and carry or do they have some wieght to them? Long loading times moving between different area's?

PS3 version has nice GRAHPIX happy now? :P

Lucky bugger.

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