Dead Island Riptide gets first gameplay trailer.

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Deep Silver has released the first gameplay trailer for Dead Island Riptide.
In this video the player seems to be collecting machine gun parts, which he then takes back to the base to help him shoot down hordes of zombies.
As you'd expect, the video shows the player cutting his way through zombies using all manner of tools including a gun, pistol, axe and crossbow.
(Trailer in link)

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Looks pretty much exactly the same as the first game. Which I enjoyed, expected a bit more but it's a good crack with a bunch of people so more of the same is okay this time

Hope they get on with Dead World next time though otherwise this is gonna turn out very CoD-esque, pretty sure I read an article a long while back about them patenting that title.


Looks good to me, more of the same, which is cool.

I knew I kept my Sammy B save for a specific reason. Just awaiting the "10GS - Port over your Dead Island character into Riptide" achievement to be announced now.

And, seeing as it is the same characters before, I wonder how they're going to explain how the gang ended up on this island despite apparently flying to safety in the original.

If it just turns out that their helicopter was mysteriously shot down, then I may have to sell the game.