Dead Island is great... But Space Marine is Epic

When you play "Dead Island" you can immediately see what caused so many reviewers to complain about "choppy visuals" but it's still a great looking game that's fun to play.


"Space Marine" is polished from the very get go.


The introduction is epic, the music is epic and from the moment they thrust you into the midst of things the combat is epic.


I haven't seen melee combat flow so beautifully since "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and the gunplay is right up there with "HALO" or "Gears".


Haven't even tried the multiplayer yet but the customisation leves are supposed to be insane.




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The bolter is utterly useless online. If you develop a game that gives the default gun so little power you have to reload before you can finish him (leaving you painfully vulnerable) you've failed.

You have to be on a wind up. Nobody is THIS stupid. Right?

Az, shame you don't have a PS3 as this game is much better on that platform. Nice shadows, better textures etc.

[quote user="zfair899"]

This post is directed towards voteDC btw who seems to know what he's talking about

[/quote]The only time that will be said about me :P

It just comes from years of arguing with people that I don't need to run my desktop at my monitors native resolution, even though I do so with all my games. Where to be honest you are better off dropping detail over resolution in order to keep frames per second up, as there is no point in keeping the detail if it looks as if you are viewing through vaseline.

I haven't found a 3rd person view yet. I sometimes get motion sickness from games and did have the intial impression with Dead Island that it was going to happen, but a few hours in and I'm fine with it. The worse game by far for me was singularity - constantly dizzy playing it.

I can't be asked dropping my resolution for the games that didn't make the effort.


I'm still having a great time with both though.



Played a little of Dead Island. Found it gave me motion sickness. Sending it back in the hope I get Space Marine next.

Az, you just keep making yourself look more and more stupid.

When a 360 game can match the length, and graphical level of a PS3 exclusive I'll listen to you. Until then....

[quote user="Strangeotron"]And I think you'd be better off not making assumptions about what other people think. 

This game isn't deep at all, not online of offline. There are 5 maps and 2 game modes. That's a criminal waste of the 40k license and a sure sign of a rushed product.

Don't make stupid comments about what I expect.



Well if you're right, Relic, Games Workshop and THQ don't know how to make games.


If I'm right... well let's not even go there for the sake of your Cyber-Pride.


Too bad you don't like it.


Thankfully there are tons of games that you can play instead.


In the meattime the rest of us are having a blast both online and off.


If you still want to try and glean some enjoyment out of it add me and I'll play with you.


I'm not necessarily amazing but I have a headset and mic and will communicate with my Team mates.



[quote user="Azrael008uk"]

[quote user="Strangeotron"]

There's a difference between challenging and frustrating.

space marine is either walking through empty corridors, easy, or frustrating. that's it.

it could have been so much more and i'm astonished at relic who can do much better.



More and more your main complaint is this isn't "Gears Of War" on Casual.


If you think I'm "putting words in your mouth" you might want to consider how you're actually creating this impression.


"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" is a great game but it kind of bored me so I traded it in for something I enjoy more.


You might want to consider doing that with "Space Marines".


I can respect your opinion if you don't like it but I can't respect silly statements that don't actually apply to the game.




[/quote]I don't think you have misrepresented me. I know you have. You keep doing at while somehow thinking that if you patronise me enough I might not see it. I have never once compared this to gears of war or even mentioned it int he context of SM. That's your imagination.

If you want to have a grown up conversation, learn how to talk to people without putting words in their mouth or patronising them ffs.

Space Marine was rushed, badly made and hasn't fulfilled the potential relic went to great pains to advertise. The online is broken and unbalanced and unfortuately, as is always the case with THQ, laggy as hell.

For a company that wants to sell you a code to even play online they need to show a bit more respect for the people paying their wage and put out better online servers.

And no I really dont' care if you haven't experienced any lag, or that you think i need to 'get better internets'. Don't even bother with that tired old crap.

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