Dead Island Achievements

Just seen these and thought i would post, the distance ones might take a while but overall a good list.




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Seems cack.

Game will be a trainwreck of epic proportions sadly

techland, oh dear

Why are developers always trying to encourage us to play with randoms these days? Everyone knows randoms are rubbish and not to be played with. Don't try and force me to make new friends goddomit.

I don't know why anyone's hyped for this when the only notable titles these guys have produced are a few mediocre western titles. And good luck getting a game with the name 'Dead Island' sold in Norway.

I like the look of it, not sure if that qualifies as getting hyped. Luckily, I don't live in Norway.

The achievements listed look like they should be easy enough to get. Co-op ahoy-hoy.

The more I see of this game the more I don't like it, when we saw the first teaser it was interesting, but it's looking like a borrow or wait for the bargain bin, I imagine the price will fall fast,

Thanks for the heads up on cheevos OP.

This game looks great,  reminds me of left 4 dead.

No one else picked up on the achievement name for 'Complete act I with 4 different characters.' Then? ;)

These were the sort achievements i would expect from a game like this most of em are "kill 50 zombies or kill 5 zombies with one shot" they are justt standard zombie game achievements stolen from left 4 dead and dead rising.