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I was playing FIFA 14 at 15:35 today (GMT) and a user DDoS attacked my network. Other people in my house were using the network at the time and this caused a lot of frustration as everybody was disconnected. Can anything be done about this? What is the best way to stop this user from doing this again in the future?




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support.xbox.com/.../dos-attacks-faq This should help answer any questions you have

OK thanks. If anybody plays this gamer tag WoH I Marie - be careful as he can't take losing, and uses DDoS attacks. He should be banned IMO.

NAming and shaming in the forums is not allowed

Ah sorry didn't realise. Just wanted to warn others about this player - he ruined my whole network, and my afternoon. Thanks again.

Sorry to hear that sheriff...

Question is, did you score a 90th minute goal against them?

Jelph sorry to hear that mate. It sucks that people run around doing this. I have had this done to me in the past and I know how much it makes you want to slam your controller lol. Either way, the info by Viral should help you out. Failing that you might be better off creating a thread in the Support Forums.


I hope this helps.

Many thanks,