Ddos attack

Hi, last night I was in a private chat with user [Mod Removed].  He threatened to boot me offline.  I was then booted off line and the house internet froze.  Somehow our internet usage was exhausted after this happened.    This is not the first time that this user has made threats of a Ddos attack against me and other players.    


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HOw do I report an abusive xbox live user

Sorry but you are not allowed to name and shame on the forums.  

To report a user on the console, go to his bio and select File Complaint then follow the instructions.  The report will be sent directly to the PET for them to investigate and take the necessary action on.

As for the DDoS attack, contact your internet provider and let them know what happened.  They will issue you a new IP address and investigate the attack.  DDoS attacks are illegal and if found guilty the person who did it could be facing some serious jail time.